Characteristic of the Town

The town, rightfully referred to as the metropolis of Moravian Slovakia, boasts an interesting history, wealth of sights and monuments, historical tradition, a large number of tourist attractions in its vicinity as well as finely preserved countryside of its surroundings.

Uherské Hradiště – a town that lies in the fertile wold of the Morava river, which is shielded by woody slopes of the Chřiby hills from the West, and White Carpathians from the East, in the middle of viniferous country inhabited by industrious and kind people.


Since long ago, the pilgrims’ steps have lead here for the moments of rest and serenity as well as joy of enlightenment. The hospitality of the royal town has always been well-known and attracted many artists to visit – painters, poets, writers and composers. All those who have visited the town left it later with an ineffaceable memory.

Publish date: 08.07.2010   Modified: 16.09.2010
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